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Made with real wood by real craftspeople

We supply fully assembled kitchens in modular form which combine to form fully fitted kitchens. Our kitchens are made of solid wood throughout including frames. No plywood or chipboard is used and all joints are mortised or dovetailed. All of our doors are hung within the kitchen cabinets – often known as “in frame”, and our drawers rest on traditional platforms but can be fitted with modern soft closer bearing slides if requested. Where possible cabinets are delivered in clusters/combinations with all the doors hung, drawers fitted, cornice supplied to fit on site.

Several years ago Pineland recognised the demand that existed for traditionally jointed solid wood kitchens at sensible prices. We feel that too many kitchens today look synthetic, or have an odd design to fit in standard size units. All our kitchens are bespoke and built to the exact size and shape to fit the shape of your room perfectly.

Each of our kitchens are designed specifically for you, your personal requirements and the constraints and opportunities given by the shape of the room. Click on the sample plan below for more detail.

Initially before you become too involved you will want an idea of the cost. As a rough guide an average Pineland kitchen costs £6,000 (delivered incl. VAT). Allow around £1,500 for worktops / taps / sink and tiles and this means you can effectively install a solid wood traditional farmhouse kitchen at a cost of £ 7,500 or less. To this should be added the cost of fitting. This is considerably less than normal as units arrive ready to install, so no building / searching for missing parts etc. is involved. Usually if the builder is involved with attendant plumbers / tilers and electricians there is no need for a specialist fitter. In well over half of the kitchens we supply, customers fit their own kitchens with occasional help from family/friends.

As you would expect we have experience in the integration all the major appliances from AGA cookers through to the latest electronics from Siemens, Zanussi and not forgetting the kitchen sink that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from inset to Belfast sinks. You can be confident that our kitchen planing and design will take everything into consideration

Removable Drawer Inserts

To help keep drawer interiors tidy we can fit, removable wooden dividers for cutlery, kitchen utensils, channelling for stand up spice bottles, and can include any other reasonably straightforward insert you may suggest.

opening open

Easy access Bi-fold and Tri-fold doors

No need for expensive Carousel and secret corner type fitments. Tri-fold doors can create an opening space of up to five feet.

Our designers will work with you to select features that give you the best use of the space in your new handmade wooden kitchen.

Shallow end opening cupboards

Shallow end opening cupboards located usually within easy reach of an eating area. These can be any depth but are normally 6” deep and with adjustable height shelving ideal for condiments and  sauces etc.

These shallow cupboards are a great way of maximising that little bit of space.

Under sink drawer backed bin cupboards

Every kitchen needs a waste bin to keep things tidy. With modern recycling requirements these can provide two bin spaces for waste separation if required.  We usually fit these with soft close mechanisms these, and they are handily placed and needing just the nudge of a knee to close

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Waste bin fitments

As well as our smaller under sink bin units we can also supply two and four compartment bin fitments as illustrated.

Plate insert spacers

These hardwood multi holed sections are supplied fitted to your elected deep drawer along with screw in dowel spacers so you can allocate the drawer space keeping your plates separated.

We are continually researching fitments of the highest quality and will introduce/recommend them in due course.

Larder fitments

We can supply full height larder fitments.

Let us build your dream kitchen

We can design everything you ever dreamed of and more

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