Free design service

We have a unique approach to our design service, in the same way that our furniture is hand made so are our designs. We talk to you about your requirements for your kitchen or other furniture and working with the floorplan of your room we hand draw a detailed design. We can incorporate almost any feature you are looking for and any appliance you wish to add can be fully integrated. Below you can see a sample of our hand drawn designs.













Each stage of the design shows exactly how each hand crafted piece fits in, and also the detail of each individual piece. As each piece is hand made with no preformed components each unit is made to the exact size to fit your room perfectly.














The final page shows the detailed break down of all the pieces and the total cost of all of the items. If you would like to contact us to discuss your requirements further please don’t hesitate to call us on (Shropshire) 01299 271143 or (Cheshire) 01606 41292 or through our Contacts page