You can order our hand made wooden kitchen, bedroom and other furniture in one of 5 finishes. We will be happy to discuss the different options so you get something that fully integrates into the  look you are after, and also provides the durability and maintenance your desire.


Fine Sanded

If decide to finish the items your self thats fine by us and is an opportunity for you to add your personal touches. If this is the case let us know when you order and the items will be supplied fine sanded and ready for you to apply the finish of your choice.


Often called “shaker” finishes. We can apply a number of high quality paint finishes with our state of the art equipment and this is becoming a popular option. Painted finishes are easy to maintain and can be changed if a new colour scheme is chosen. ( This service adds 25% plus £100 to the cost of the fine sanded units)

Knotted and Primed

Here we add knot protection and two coats of primer, leaving the units ready for you to apply the finishing coat of your choice. ( This service adds 20% to the cost of the fine sanded units)


This is a lovely traditional finish but can be subject to water marking due to acidity levels in the water. We also offer a water based lacquer and wax finish which largely eliminates this problem.


Lacquered or varnished finishes are available in a wide range of shades and colours, in matt or satin finishes. lacquered surfaces are easy to maintain.


If you are after a specific finish please contact us to discuss your requirements