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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a unique approach to our design service, in the same way, that our furniture is hand made so are our designs.

We talk to you about your requirements for your kitchen or other furniture and working with the floorplan of your room we hand draw a detailed design. We can incorporate almost any feature you are looking for and any appliance you wish to add can be fully integrated.

Each stage of the design shows exactly how each handcrafted piece fits in, and also the detail of each piece. No preformed components mean each unit is made to the exact size to fit your room perfectly.

The final page of our design shows the detailed break down of all the pieces and the total cost of all of the items.

Materials Extensive use of Quebec yellow pine and the highest standard of selected kiln-dried panels ensure product stability. No plywood or chipboard is used.

Construction Traditional mortice/tenon and dovetail jointing apply throughout. Doors and drawers are flush fitting.

Flexibility We can modify sizes, undertake special commissions, even supply framed doors for wardrobes or kitchen appliances.

Design We have years of experience in creating an end product that both fulfills its purpose and is suitably styled.


You can order our hand made wooden kitchen, bedroom and other furniture in one of 5 finishes. We will be happy to discuss the different options so you get something that fully integrates into the look you are after, and also provides the durability and maintenance your desire.

Fine Sanded

If you decide to finish the items your self that’s fine by us and is an opportunity for you to add your personal touches. If this is the case let us know when you order and the items will be supplied fine sanded and ready for you to apply the finish of your choice.


Often called “shaker” finishes. We can apply many high-quality paint finishes with our state of the art equipment and this is becoming a popular option. Painted finishes are easy to maintain and can be changed if a new colour scheme is chosen. ( This service adds 30% plus £150 to the cost of the fine sanded units)

Knotted and Primed

Here we add knot protection and two coats of primer, leaving the units ready for you to apply the finishing coat of your choice. ( This service adds 20% to the cost of the fine sanded units)

Hand waxed

This is a lovely traditional finish but can be subject to watermarking due to acidity levels in the water. We also offer a water-based lacquer and wax finish which largely eliminates this problem.


Lacquered or varnished finishes are available in a wide range of shades and colours, in matt or satin finishes. lacquered surfaces are easy to maintain.

If you are after a specific finish please contact us to discuss your requirements

You may imagine it to be more expensive but bespoke furniture made to measure will reward you with years of service and non of the niggles of pre-assembled units that don’t quite fit.

Our bespoke furniture is made from real wood, so none of that gaping laminate and swollen MDF from water or heat damage.

As a rough guide an average Pineland kitchen costs £ 6,000  (delivered incl. VAT). Allow around £ 1,500  for worktops / taps / sink and tiles and this means you can effectively install a solid wood traditional farmhouse kitchen for less than £7,500.


Not just Kitchens...

To complement our fitted kitchen and bathroom units we also offer a huge range of freestanding wooden furniture. You can choose either from our extensive catalogue, or we can take on bespoke commissions.

Whatever the design you can be assured that the furniture is built to your exact specifications from the best material and using traditional joints and solid materials.

The furniture can be supplied fine sanded with no other finish applied, so you or your designer can add your finishing touches or we can supply all items fully finished, hand-waxed, stained, lacquered or even painted by our craftsmen.

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