I’m not surprised that there is a waiting list to get one of Pinelands kitchens

Dear Paddy

I don’t normally write letters of thanks. But I’ve been so impressed by the service and delivery of my Kitchen from you and the team at Pineland that I felt I should.

Firstly your patience with the numerous emails back and forth with design changes and measurement adjustments. The drawings were detailed and very helpful for preplanning our kitchen layout. The dates set for manufacturing and delivery were spot on. The delivery guys were courteous and didn’t grumble about the lack of parking near our home or the fact that the kitchen had to be taken upstairs. The after care from Pineland to send helpful instructions on sealing the kitchen and it’s interior and some handy notes on painting it was also unexpected and a comfort to receive.

I’m not surprised that there is a waiting list to get one of Pinelands kitchens. If only other kitchen makers would be so efficient and it’s worth the wait and I will be sure to recommend you to others. The team at Pineland deserve to charge much more for their kitchens but somehow they don’t. You supply solid wood kitchens that will last a lifetime at a competitive price to cheaper flat pack composite wooden types, that frankly do not last. It’s refreshing to see well made furniture at an affordable price that will last a life time in this modern day throw away culture, that frankly isn’t good for the environment. The kitchen is way beyond my expectations and a lot of craftsmanship found in much more expensive solid wood kitchens.

Thanks again Pineland.